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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There comes a time in every ones life, when they start to feel like a vacuum sucked all the moisture out of their lips and replaced the what should be delicate skin with paint peeling, excruciating dry lips.

These Balms should be apart of your arsenal for combating winter, signs of aging and just gross feeling lips.

Painful? yes! unsightly? Duh! Fixable and Preventable? But of course!

Here are the top three lip balms that grace my lips and any model that I come in contact with.

25 Holt Renfrew
The ultimate balm that doesn't stop working.
This product can be worn at night as a hydrating mask for the lips.
It actually teaches your lips how to hydrate it self.
The fragrance and taste are minimal and pleasant.
medium to natural shine-safe for men.

EOS Lip Balm
3-5 dollars.
Those cute little guys are called the smooth spheres, although I prefer the Smooth Sticks.
Organic and gluten free, my no worry lip balm has a great taste and scent.
Also Petrolatum free-YES! FINALLY!
A lip balm that actually works with out being all jelly, and glossy.
I purchased this product at Shades Of Grey, although you can get it at shoppers drugs smart as well

Khiels Lip Balm SPF 15
17 dollars.
Super smooth, extreme-moisture that does seem to wear off easy.
but this little guy goes a long way the screw on lid make life easy knowing how secure it is.
High shine-that fades. So Guys need to apply a few minutes before hand because this product will shine.
The SPF is sexy, and needed especially in this time of the year when the sun is reflected on to the skin.

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