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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have been absolutley insane: all in the good ways!

Shopping is a huge passion of mine and sales always take the cake for me: so here are my favourite deals around Edmonton that you can still get in on:

Off of winter items: like my wonderful MARC JACOBS EAR MUFFS!


It does not include cosmetics and Louis Vuiton
-but it is totally worth going.
I shop with Cindy and the Edmonton store and I shope with
Lori at the Vancouver Store-they are so awesome.

70% off-this is where you can load up on what Santa missed out on. Rumour has it that it is lasting till Januart 4th 2010.

ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH- 40% off everything in the store except fragrances.
- Although I think it maybe 30% now.
ALDO: Extra 30% off all sale and if you want to shop online which is usually better cause of
there awesome return policy it is free shipping.

is having 50% off some hot seletced designers like Kris Van Assche and Christopher Kane


Prince Nikolas

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Gone are the days of "artificially enhanced nails" as some would like to call it.

In are the days of short-oval nails with a friendly buff or a coating of a smooth lacquer.

On the runways we see strong bold colors all on short nails-or we see soft romantic color and men are even getting buffed out with a ridge free look.

George Clooney is rumored to use the Ridge Filler from nail goddess herself Deborah Lipman offering a masculine Mat-esque look. While my favorite Ridge Filler is from the queen of perfecting her click Chanel-The Base Coat "BASE PROTECTRICE"-

Photo from:

I generally always recommend a great buffing block like the one offered from O.P.I, but lately I am always on the go, and life doesn't allow me to always buff-I get away with the sheer beauty of this Chanel Goddess.

A lot of people seem to shy away from color that is not red or cranberry or sometime type of red in the winter-POO!

With all the great designer and color buyers we have out there to inspire or manicured hands or feet why would someone not want to indulge in what the color gods gave us:

Check out for a vegan formaldehyde free way of decorating your digits-it even has a numerology scale and you can choose by mood.

How is everyone feeling about the reverse Manicure
photo from:
I am undecided-I am not sure if I like the old Manicure look either-just not that into chips.
Its time to think of shades like
Butters very own -Marrow-named for the dark purple that Marrow looks like in the bone
YSL La Laque- 139 Gold-great way to bring in the new year and to add brightness to your wardrobe
Opi-Teas-y does it a part of the Burlesque collection a shimmery burgundy-so gorgeous you'll get DIRTY.
Faces Cosmetics: 358- a green that will banish and blushing bitches red out of the way.
-OR not so bold add a hint of pearl (1 coat) or iridescence to your favourite holiday color.
Check out for a great site.
Happy Shopping

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2011 Video-

Although I completeley love the style-I don't always love wearing black and white-
Great for people who are in retail though-because I have been seeing everyone helping me in Black and white every where so far.
But yay for the long draping clothes and clean hair lines.

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BURBERRY'D all over your face!

That is correct bitches-Burberry has launched a color line with extremely sexy sleek packaging

Their lipsticks click tight and the compact seals out icky dust-all due to a strong magnet disguised with beautiful reflective Burberry Cheque in a grayish blackish pewterish finish. A lot of Ish-for this line.

I met Jarrod-the rep for the line and had him help me and Joanna find a gorgeous lipstick to go with her hot new beach waves that we had put in.

He was so excited to help us find out product (HOLT RENFREW VANCOUVER is where you can get it)-His must have item is something that I personally ended-up walking away with a soft-sheer powder for my kit that has a slight floral fragrance and a brush so soft that you would want to use it as a pillow-

A cake less soft formula-designed to please the runway, television and natural wearers. $59.00
photo from
We also purchased a No.21 (deep burgundy) Lipstick a deep rich opaque color-non scented to light scented lipstick-the beautiful color payoff and so true to the package-and we even use the reflective casing as a mirror. The down fall-it moves easily: meaning: defiantly need a lip primer or a lip sealer with this product $39.00.

-The Product is worth having in your kit for your luxury clients because of the packaging and the name-but most importantly strong pigmented color.

Happy Shopping

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dehydration is for Apple Chips not your face or lips

Winter! I am so sorry, for even uttering those words.
But lets face it, Winter is arriving we are all feeling it.
The first signs of aging can be prevent by attacking dehydration-before it starts.

photo from :
Shu Uemura available at Holt Renfrew
Introduces the Newest DepSea Hydrability Program-
Complete with a lighter and more rich moisturizer (I use the lightest one)
A Lotion-most of us call this a toner it is like a drink of water for your skin.
and a concentrate that I use to boost my hydration levels in my skin
and of course an eye cream.

I really love the hydration emulsion-which is the lighter of the two moisturizers.
It has a gel texture, and extremely clean fragrance and its in a glass bottle.
This line could be considered a teacher-because it teaches your skin to self hydrate it self.
offering 24hrs. of moisturizing heaven.
For those whom are more concerned about aging and then moisture or hydration visit the Redjuvenus line complete with Lycopene and Lichi Nut Lipids to help your skin rejuvenate and hydrate it self.

Keep your lips un-chapped and soft and smooth all fall and winter by using and
intense hydrator:

photo from

Shu Uemura has the Depsea Hyrdability moisturizing lip balm
that also teachers your skin to hydrate it self.-Flavorless and Scentless but to some people they say it taste like it is a little sweet. This product does not leave my kit-all my models start their look off with this product because in minutes it softens even the scaliest of lips.

photo from
For those of you who need a little bit of color-YSL offers Golden Gloss a multi-reflective smooth gloss that adds a mild to medium cover that also contains Nigelle and Cameline Oils to help protect the lips. This season I am crushing on #14 Golden Purple.
also available at Holt Renfrew-in Edmonton I see Cindy for my personal lip service.

You can not forget about about your hands or feet or body:

For my hands and cuticles year round I have been returning back to a gorgeous olive based product that is small enough to fit into your back pocket-about 18 dollars.
I was wary of the fragrance at first-but once I smelled it, it was so fresh and slightly fruity.
It absorbs in to the skin really fast and is non greasy.
Message me if you need this product.


For Feet-
Full of antioxidants and Vitamin c-I am all about Double Coverage from the Opi feet line.
Men-don't mind this product either because of the peppermint and it helps to combat foot odor.
about 30.00-contact me if you need this

photo from:

I really want to write about a body care line-but there has yet to be one that I love. So Until Next time: Happy shopping.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Really this section needs to be a seasonal,weekly, daily discussion.
Brushes are so personal-I have some brushes from my EARLY days of makeup that I can not BRUSH OFF, generally I replace my brushes twice a year-because of my constant washing. When I decide to retire them, I don't end up throwing them in the trash but friends and family take them, or I use them as stir sticks or dusters for my computers. Generally my brushes always look fairly new because of how I wash and dry them-I think I just like new things.

Recently I was talking to a dear friend who is so fucking photogenic I love and hate her.
Leanna-thank you for the suggestion.

I have three makeup brushes that I use for foundation and they need replenishing the least out of all the other brushes that I have used.

When looking for foundation brushes I consider the weight, the price, the aesthetic, the length of the handle (this is really personal-some people hate really long handles or really short), the length of the bristles and the two most important to me are:
the amount of color pickup and distribution and the blendability.

My arterial brush (If there was a makeup war-this would join me)

Armani blender brush-Armani has 2 brushes a blender brush and a designer blender brush.
photo from
  • The designer blender brush is for a more full coverage look but I still use the regular Blender brush to do everything from cream eye shadows, to cheek colors and massive color stamping on the eyes or on the body. I have even used it to foil hot bodies. I wish the brushes from this collection felt a little better and looked nicer-but the blender brush for me is the only one in the whole line of his brushes here in Canada worth my kit, actually they do have a brush called contour brush which is a hard angle brush which is very nice and affordable but the blender brush still kicks the contour brushes ass!

  • I love the light weight and small handle-I feel like I can chisel and maneuver a lot easier. and the fact the bristles are so short-I think aids in the blending and color distribution.

This second brush was an awkward surprise for me: I was like oh WOW-Goat hair brush for foundation and a brush this thick-EEEEEK! I LOVE IT-this brush needs a lot of attention I find-but the results are smooth and flawless. You must clean it well and let it dry completely so the Armani Blender has been much more forgive able.

The Shu Uemura Natural Goat hair Brush-Number 18 for the size.

image from

Also-small and light weight. The thickness of the brush really makes getting work done efficiently with time and the look buffed and polished.

  • some models say "that is the softest foundation brush I have ever felt."

The Third one is from a supplier that I go through-probably the most inexpensive of all. It looks like a traditional foundation brush-you know oval and flat. This baby is gorgeous-a small handle as well cost is maybe 20.00 if you need one let me know.

Apologies I don't have a picture of it, but it looks a lot like the MAC one that they first came out with which If is most likely my number 4 favourite-but this handle is also small and light weight.

Hope this helps: Happy Shopping

Shu Uemura and Armani Brush range around 60 Canadian and defiantly worth it. Available at Holt Renfrew.

Monday, August 30, 2010


This ever so popular Radiance Highlighting God-has now launched a new color
For those with a more yellow skin tone.


This product has been living and re-living in my kit for six years.
All you makeup artist out there know that-we rarely ever purchase the same items to replenish our kits with.
I love love love this product-not only for how easy it is to use and blend but its attractive to use and great portability because it is light weight and the lid on the cap seals tight.

This Radiance Pen is used anywhere that I need a little pop even under the lips and under eyeshadow or just under the ends of the eyebrows-a fool proof way of highlighting.
I generally don't use it as a concealer but-I have and its a nice light to medium coverage.
Another great option is just to use this MEGA STAR PRODUCT to refresh your self during the day to night transformation with out having to go home and start all over again.

I use my Armani Blender brush while I am blending but it is not necessary you can use your fingers or the brush applicator that comes with it.

Number 1: has a slight salmon pink tone to it great for those dark circles and vain spots on the face.
Number 2: has a nice peachy ivory tone as I like too call it-I use it for those with a little more olive in there skin,
Number 3: is for my TAN beauties. I used on a black woman under her foundation to give the center of her face a little more glow and pop-kind of like what a RING FLASH would do-so she could walk around like a Beauty Shot all day.
Now it is time for Number 8-to Shine. the most yellow beige tone of them all-designed for Asian skin tones-but definably not limited too.
Available at Holt Renfrew or The Bay. $50.
Happy Shopping
photo from

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Having such extremely thin eyelashes that don't seem to want to keep a curl.
(Seriously my eyelashes have such attitude like a girl who never gets a pony for her birthday.)
makes me all sad and makes my eyes not as pretty as they could be.

I am always on the search for the no flaking, no smudging mascara ( the only reason my kit
is so replenished with Mascara is because I am always trying to find the right ones.)
I always-try to find more than product to do the same thing- just in case I am out and need to purchase another I can grab what is more readily available.

First and foremost My Shu Uemura Eyelash curl sent from the Long Eye Lash Goddess will always have a home in my kit-but remember peeps every six months replace the whole unit because of the hinge on it.
Some people keep it forever-but think of it as a tooth brush. you wouldn't keep your tooth brush for five years would you? if you do ewwww!
You don't want to damage your eyes or eyelashes-so it is always best to follow manufacturers directions.

Alot of people use a primer first before mascara and some people use the ones that are safe to curl with-WELL they all make my eye lashes fall except the Armani Lash Primer has so far been the best for me.


Shu Uemura Mascara Basic has given me the most natural looking eye lashes with one of the best holds. I enjoy the look of it because of how natural it looks-I can build it up but it never gave me the spider lash look.

Shu Uemura Ultimate Mascara with the Unique Eight degree brush I like this one alot-although somedays it is heavy on my eyelashes I just love how black it looks on my eye lashes and makes them look thick but natural. It is also a Gel Formula so it wicks away water.

YSL-Effect Faux Cil 1w-that is what the bottom one says but it is great because this one is water proof and it really does give my eyelashes and weightless false eye lash effect-as mentioned earlier I get a little flaking but no smudging.

and last but not least:

Armani just had this event called the Wet Look- or Wet Eyes or something but the counter girl new that I was int he market for a brown mascara that was weightless and water resistant or proof. The limited edition eyes to kill mascara in brown copper color appeard more brown on me but did it ever curl my eye lashes, lengthen them and thicken them with no smudging or flaking and no irritation. It is now my go to mascara but will not make it in my kit because I just can not give it up. The black color is not limited edition.
Oh yeah-It totally feathered my eyelashes and im a total Glamazon with it.
Happy Shopping.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Shu Uemura-is my makeup and skin care heart and soul.
They always seem to out do them self. Even with there simple packaging-it just looks so clean
and nice in my washroom.
Shu Uemura will be releasing the GEM GLAM COLLECTION This June at Holt Renfrew.
Included is four gorgeous eye shadows-three with extreme sparkles including an ultra amazing white rainbow-think iridescent rainbow white glitter that is safe for the eyes.
ooo ooo ooo-they are also releasing an amazing pastel mint green that will make you drool just by looking at it.
This collection is filled with two limited edition Vinyl Glosses in a juicy pink and succulent blood orange whats great about these is that they actually fill the fine lines on your lips and add dramatic mouth watering color.
As well as there cream eye shadows that REALLY DO NOT CREASE and turn all your colors into water resistant eye shadows.
I am ultra excited to sample his new face powder-it actually helps to even out your skin tone and you can contour and highlight with it.
hope this helps.
Call Holt Renfrew and book your GEM GLAM appointment now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spring and Summer-seem to be the event that everyone is waiting for.

-I am mainly excited for the summer lip color wearers to come out and dazzle us with

their soft hues and finally the chapped lipped look can go fuck them self.

Lip balm: is the first way to go: You have total control glossy, matte whatever!

My absolute favourite discovery is Shu Uemura DepSea hydrating lip balm.

Colors: Gone are the days of peachy only lips for spring and summer

fashion is allowing us to have personality now that it is 2010 and we can now choose even the reddest of red shades, the darkest of dark plums and burgundies. It really depends on what we pair our new you out fits with. My heart has really been pushing the Orange toned colors lately even in blush. YUMMY!

Shu Uemura also has released a glorious light weight long lasting lipstick call Crystal Shine-high shine, moderate coverage and a glorious varietal of colors.

At the most recent MUA Show-I got to meet one of the creative makeup artist for MAC and was inspired but her anything goes attitude.-Clinique has this amazing lip balm color-it is better color than balm but its called blackberry honey-
It colors your lips that cherry Popsicle Glamazon look-HUI at the Clinique counter at Holt Renfrew Edmonton helped this RED JUICY COLOR jump into my bag. love love love heart it.

Out with the pale pastel pinks and in with the juicy pastel pinks-the difference they are alot more warmer this season-See YSL-they have a sexy bloodorange lipgloss that taste as good as it looks.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am always on the look for a great face wash/cleanser.


I guess my greatest concern about looking for a face wash is that it has to do everything.

-So if I need extra cleansing because I am not so "Au Natural" that day it has to take it all off.

That's eye makeup-EVERYTHING!

Who really has time for all the extra steps of using an eye makeup remover and lip color remover?

If you do, great!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE SHU UEMURA. Especially their cleansing oils.

Recently, the Loreal Team and Holt Renfrew have asked me to be one of their DEMO ARTIST

at their Launch of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Edmonton, Search my blog about the BEST FOUNDATION EVER-from the Armani line.

Armani is the BALM!

They have released a Mineral Cleansing Balm, A rich balm that transitions into an oil or a milky texture once you add water, and it literally removes everything-even those awful lip stains.

Your skin is left hydrated and clean.

The only problem was that I found that I did have to do 2 washes and I wanted to keep true to the product:

Apply the product to your cheeks and spread evenly all over, add water and rinse thoroughly.


was it necessary? just to make sure that all my T.V. makeup was off so I could wake up with a perfect canvas-although the GIORGIO ARMANI FLUID SHEER PRIMER does help me out with that.

This Product is about-65 dollars I believe, and worth it. Melody, the DBA for Giorgio Armani Edmonton is a wealth of knowledge, go see her to get your hands on this Amazing Cleanser that is also Fragrance Free.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


O.k., well thats a stretch. God isn't here, well maybe the BEAUTY GOD!
I was always trecking back and fourth between Vancouver and Calgary.
for what?

I absolutley thank my complexion to them. its soft its smooth, its holt-tastic.


Thursday, February 4, 2010


AHHHHHH! The fabolous IMATS or simplily know as "THE SHOW"

is Coming to Vancouver on APRIL 17 and 18 2o10.

I am so excited-all that makeup, all that talent.
It is open to all people-not just industry professionals.
STUDENTS-there is a competition get heard, get proud. GO!

ACE-CESSORIES-the search for the finishing touch

There will be a segment on this one for SHIZZLE!

I am so proud that here in Edmonton were able to have all these big stores-which means
I am also loving that here in CANADA we have interact online purchasing-which I try to stay loyal to since they are mostly Canadian Designers.

I am crushing on rustic items. I don't necessarily mean rustic as in Jewelry from a Gypsy but as in it looks like it could be or unique items.

Every style has a bit of something to love.
The skaters have there toques/beanie
The Posh have from their designer purses--even though they probably bought it off some blanket in NY.
The Players have there newest technology like the HOT NEW BERRY-less a scroll ball.
or the hotty hanging off his/her plastic.
And the sluts have there STD's.

I have been crushing on Long Necklaces.
-My most expensive recent investment has been the Tiffany KEY!

I think what really got me in the mood was my friends LIZ YEUNG designed a gorgeous long called MODISH which I don't believe is around anymore but I love love love
large strings of fake personals paired with outmatching chunky chains.

I always try to throw on some kind of mess when I go out. I love Necklaces.
Club Monacco has been a great place to go for GODY Jewels.

FOREVER 21 and H&M-great prices and a glamorous pile of selections.