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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Armani Exchange doesn't make an appearence very often although their down to earth contemporary style will for sure this Spring: Infact I just order some low riding cargo pants-not low in the ass but in the croch so way lower.-

Dsquared has a great version of these pants too:

And what looks like to be Simon Nessman gracing our eyes! DROOL!

--if its not him I'm sorry but this guy is major!

Armani Exchange is opening up in West Edmonton Mall across from T&T taking over the Tristan & America space which relocated to Europa Boulavard joining the popular Urban and High Grade as well as the awesome beauty store Beauty Junky a must stop shop for any beauty lover.

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Monday, March 28, 2011



My friend Genette Salgado will be showing at Western Canadian Fashion Week and she is Major.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Umi & Co

OMG! So I stumbled on this wonderful cute boutique that offers so much skin care advice and so much make-up tips.


The wonderful store offers permanent makeup and facial services-Korean Facial Services


What is so awesome about a Korean Facial is that they are so energizing: I think that this is in part due to the amazing facial and neck massage that I received for a good hour.

I actually fell asleep-even though the facial massage was deep and consistent.

My facialist-used a Ginseng product and she told me that it would do the work to keep my skin looking bright, hydrated and fresh!

I woke up an hour and fifteen minutes later-with the most light and enriched feeling that I HAVE EVER received from a facial-AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING!

Most Facials: I don't care to much for-you scrape you poke you do a light massage and you leave me with a mask on my face and you come back and I pay 100+ for, Here I paid 50.


Umi & Co- Carry the ever so popular John Masters Organic-plus the shampoo that is great for dull ends and oily scalps and the most amazing soap that has exfoliaters in it-great for the boys.

Diane Brill: The sparkliest Prettiest lipstick and glosses EVER!

and the popular Korean color and skin care line:

Laneige: Has a Snow Crystal Dual Foundation that actually comes with a concealer on top-for such an amazing price. I don't remember what it is I think under 40.
That is a full size concealer and foundation:
The products have an spf and they work to brighten your skin:
----It is also HD sensitive so they are very fine and wont sit heavy on the skin.
The product hydrates the skin as if your skin took a really big drink of water and works with your skins own radiance to give you a natural glow.
----So when people say "Hey, I love your glow" -this time you really own it.
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ahhhhh-The only topic that I actually am able to write about more than once.

I have again-decided to talk about two more products that



I only carry two eye brow products in my kit, and the Hard Formula is my go to product and then I follow with the second one for back up if I need a stronger coverage.

The hard formula in my kit is in only two color but available in three:
I buy Brown 3 and Seal Brown.

What is great is that you can go to your counter and they will hand sharpen it for you-but I just use a Shu Uemura pencil Sharpener which is the best-Japanese people really know how to work knives.

The hard formula only works when it comes into contact with the oils in the hair of your brows-resulting in a normal and natural finish.

I love it for when I need to create a very natural look but alot of filling like in extreme cases of white or color-less eye brows. Those blonder than blonder children and models who are famous for lightening their brows.

Purchased from Holt Renfrew

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Clayton Shagal Placyderm Cream

Newest to my kit-but I have replenished it twice.

For a great medium level moisturizer that is safe for most skin types this cream is excellent

It improves circulation, helps to prevent moisture loss-so it is not just a one time cream and also delivers intense hydration (WATER)

I have been doing alot of Bridal Campains this year and it seems that the glow is back-I generally like skin to glow on its' own and add just a bit more where needed or else it looks greasy-This product is amazing for allowing your skin to glow naturally on its' own. FANTASTIC-DUH!
THIS PRODUCT IS BEST FOR DRY SKIN-is what the website claims although I think they should add that it also ROCKS FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN!

Purchased from go here for their phone number and location. ALSO-The BEST THAI MASSAGE IN EDMONTON
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Happy Shopping


Saturday, March 5, 2011


I was clearing out my Makeup Kit- a consistent and never ending task of all makeup artist.

-I also make check list so that I know the items that I put aside in my other storage of items that I barley use-which is so sad because some of these items are so expensive.

I have chosen to talk about three items that always travel with me and my kit:
The First:
by Benefit Cosmetics its Bene-tint
"the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle"
I generally hate the smell of roses-but its so light and it goes away.
Created for cheeks,lips and nipples! yup! Nipples! go to their site to read up on it

-It gives a see through cherry stained look on the lips
-a sheer happy winter kiss on the cheeks
and a perfect flush to the nipples:
Great for layering: Like adding this goddess item as a cheek tint and brushing it over with a sweep of Gold Mica Powder from Faces Cosmetics.
Most people who know me-know that I LOVE no make-up make-up which is what I always get from Bene-tint.
I Take a Q-Tip and line just ABOVE the eyelash line with the product and then add my darkest brown liner to the bottom and lower lash lines. this works best on tanned skin.

I usually pick this item up from Murale or Shoppers Drugs Smart because of the awesome points! Woo hoo!

2nd: DepSea Hydrability Lip Balm: Shu Uemura

I have the biggest crush on this product I always by two at a time.

You can use this product as a mask at night on the lips (just coat them thick) and your soar tired lips will thank you in the morning.
The lip balm hydrates the lips so well that it helps the delicate skin to become more translucent thus more hydrated: I use it on my elbows when I am really dry or on my finger tips in winter.

BEWARE: it is addictive and carries bees wax and macademia oil to aid in hydration. The Depsea line actually helps your skin to teach your skin how to hydrate it self.

I generally pick this product up at Holt Renfrew. to find your nearest store.

it is not sticky or greasy and it doesn't smell like crap.

MAKEUP TIP: Most of the time my male models have the driest lips and it is not so popular to have my models with lots of shine on their lips. AT THE SAME TIME: Lipstick wearers-urgh the dreaded dry lipstick look-before you apply your lipstick apply the SHU BALM.

---heres what I do: before cleansing my models skin for makeup I apply Shu Balm-which everyone in my circle knows it as. with in 5 minutes chapped and unsightly lips are diminished.-I am ready to apply my makeup and lip stick goes on much smoother and looks more definitive.

It-melts right into the skin so for my male models I generally don't have to wipe it off. WOO HOO!

3rd: Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder HD Powder

My stumble on this product came from a fellow make-up artist Ilsa Pratt from Vancouver-she told me how amazing it was.
The reason WE LOVE IT:
it helps to smooth out skin on ALL SKIN tones with out changing the color or texture of the skin.
Over or under foundation this universal product is a must have: even for a model or actors bag.
THE BONUS: Little to to no-scent and talc free.
The skin becomes more radiant and almost creates a blurry veil to hide ugly skin on camera.
Generally purchased from Sephora, Sears or The Bay
Happy Shopping.