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Monday, July 30, 2012


: Tom Ford
the name and the brand are the new noun for class and sex.

When I think of sexy makeup it defiantly changes as the seasons progress or De-gress.
But: one thing always stays.
simply put: Shade and Illuminate.
Although the properties of his products are rich in high quality ingredients
that leave your skin feeling hydrated, its the luxurious name attached to the beautiful packaging that drew me in. Dark masculine casing with a delicate yet bold golden flash.

I spoke to my favourite girl Mellisa at Neiman Marcus Las Vegas who gushed for this product.
And I new it was meant to be in the Modest Kit.
Shown above is Shade and Illuminate Intensity 1.
the fairest of the skin can wear either, but the darkest may have to rely on Intensity 2.
Intensity 1: has a golden base while Intensity 2 sits in the red family.
The Shade: easily blendable great looking on all skin tones
what lacks is the easy-ness to build with it. Because you can over blend,
I have had to use 1 and 2-to create a stronger blended look.
I recommend not using the same brush or fingers to use the highlighter.
The highlighter shows a gleam in the light-almost resembling the dewiness of sweat
or better put: HOT SEX. above the lip and down the nose to create a come ravage me look.

Should you buy this: Yes, its a cream contour that blends and is easy to not over use.
Where-a cream foundation may not be as forgiving and to opaque.
But: BUT: but:

TOM FORD BRUSHES: are the essence of luxury.
Want someone to love your face and hug it velvety gently butterfly kisses.
Well-than his brushes are what you need.
I purchased the blush brush: strongly packed for a dense color application and the shade and illuminate brush for control. I love them both-although the Armani Blender Brush is what I use to blend the shades together.

If your looking for a high pigment shadow: check his out too.
Everything 70$ each is what I paid.
Happy Shopping and Thank you Mellisa at Neiman Marcus Las Vegas.