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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MASCARA MASCARY-Edmonton Makeup Artist

I am glad that I have so many well opinion-ed girl friends, for with out them it would be so hard to try all the different products-the beauty lord has set up-on all of us.

It is difficult to sample certain items like foundation because were all different shades, with the exception of mascara or eyeshadow.

A lot of people believe that you shouldn't share your mascara-but if you purchase little spoolies- available at "Sallys" beauty supply or save your fave brushes from your mascara and try out your friends favorite lash intensifier.
Sengchou- my best friend has some lash difficulty as do I. Her lashes are not too short-not too long but they fall flat and wont hold a curl. Her secret recipe is:

1) eye lash curler something that is not fully curved but has as slight straight edge.

2)WATER PROOF Cover Girl Mascara-

3) finally a single coat of a mascara of your choice.

My cousin Susan and I love the look of thick BITCH BLACK eye lines. I believe the Main key to that is a generous coating of an ultra sleek black mascara.

Susan recently hast tried the Givenchy Mascara (. The ball on the end of it is a little intimidating-it looks like a bomb from that game Minesweeper. Her only advice is to let it fully dry and you do need makeup remover to get this off. I enjoy thje finish-the products dries with a mild mild mild shine her preference is still BlackOut by Dior both for finish and Drying time. Not only is it ultra black but the drying time is not too long and it is a buildable masacara meaning Phat or Slim lash looks are completley in your control. Susan Is a fan-atic about Maybeline. She has yet to meet a masacar from them that she has not liked. Now keep in ming this Bitch has long thick eyelashes-so if thats you too then follow her name on the blog and maybe you will find your cosmetic match too. is where we purchased these products

I have been reading numerous reviews about YSL Masacara in waterproof-and have heard AMAZING stories about this product. It deffinatley stays on the flaking is different from others and ZERO SMUDGE. I really enjoy the thick black look and this definatley helps my achieve the look especially when I have to blend in falsies. BUT! I donèt use the brush provided I use spoolies because of how many faces I do, I tried the brush on my self-I enjoy after I put a slight crecent moon curve into it. Susan has also tried this prodcut in waterproof and has had good success-BUT! we do get the odd flaking not on our face BUT! in our eyes and it is so irritating.
I purchased this product from THE BAY

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