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Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is that time of year: when we are thinking its better to give than to receive.
or are we really saying:
"If I don't give, I wont receive"
There are always those
-donating to charity on behalf of their name-but remember their tax receipt.
- hiring a maid service-to give that busy person a break and still employing someone.
- pre-paying for a dinner for two for your BFF and their LOVA! oooo la la.
----this keeps on giving because they keep our restaurant busy.
----if you follow this step come to VIPHALAY LAOS AND THAI RESTAURANT

-create a dinner package-that is a dinner package that includes a dinner with you. Have them pick the restaurant you get to see them fully enjoy the gift.
-book a flight for two my favourite airline company WESTJET is always having amazing sales I saw VEGAS for $29.00, a month ago-hey for that price make it a day trip.
-have a mobile spa company- and get all of your friends pampered at the same time while opening your gifts they are getting treat like a Queen by yours.
-a Grand picture frame completed with memories is great even for the guys---
Does he love love love love sports? his favourite teams picture-all through out the frame
and what ever memory is going to jog a great impression, I once made a picture frame full of cut outs from news paper articles on his fave sport and hockey pucks that were all shredded up surrounded the whole frame-it was awesome,simple, memorable and inexpensive.
-a docking station for that music lover.
-everybody loves to sing-how about a couple of voice lessons.
How about a Massage-like a Thai Massage or hot stone. check out
-rent a hotel-like a really nice hotel get a suite get all of your closest friends and fill your room with food and junk-or all healthy what ever way you want to go and make it a chill out day. go to the pool, go to the gym chill in the hot tub order room service or at the door mani/pedi combos and rent movies while talking shit about your other friends.


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