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Thursday, February 4, 2010

ACE-CESSORIES-the search for the finishing touch

There will be a segment on this one for SHIZZLE!

I am so proud that here in Edmonton were able to have all these big stores-which means
I am also loving that here in CANADA we have interact online purchasing-which I try to stay loyal to since they are mostly Canadian Designers.

I am crushing on rustic items. I don't necessarily mean rustic as in Jewelry from a Gypsy but as in it looks like it could be or unique items.

Every style has a bit of something to love.
The skaters have there toques/beanie
The Posh have from their designer purses--even though they probably bought it off some blanket in NY.
The Players have there newest technology like the HOT NEW BERRY-less a scroll ball.
or the hotty hanging off his/her plastic.
And the sluts have there STD's.

I have been crushing on Long Necklaces.
-My most expensive recent investment has been the Tiffany KEY!

I think what really got me in the mood was my friends LIZ YEUNG designed a gorgeous long called MODISH which I don't believe is around anymore but I love love love
large strings of fake personals paired with outmatching chunky chains.

I always try to throw on some kind of mess when I go out. I love Necklaces.
Club Monacco has been a great place to go for GODY Jewels.

FOREVER 21 and H&M-great prices and a glamorous pile of selections.

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