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Monday, January 17, 2011



Generally I would give the patriot award to most Americans because they really do love it, and oh how I wish I was always beach side in O.C. or any you name it island Hawaii.
True we do have our proud Candian Beer, Health Care, The Sexy Evangeline Lilly and Angel voice Michael Buble.

What I am most proud of right now:
What I right now at 2 AM in My Hotel Room-can not sleep with out:

something I stumbled on My trip to Calgary:
My friend Mandy and I stayed at the Beautiful Fairmont Palliser in Calgary on 1st and 9th decided to go have dinner at their Lounge open Until 11:30-thank goodness because Downtown Calgary is not Famous for having late night eateries for crazy workers like us.
After attending Bridal Fantasy by the way their 2010 Magazine marks their 10 year anniversary and is amazing. Completely re-invented and the turn out was Great. I was so excited to meet Lianna Chaouli-shes so sweet and nice and motivating I guess that's why she is one of the most coveted image therapist. Something only Bridal Fantasy would be able to pull off.
Any who onto the story-exhausted from the show we decided to meet in the lobby for dinner.
I ordered my Favorite Tea a blend of Pineapple and Tangerine omg heaven-it taste like liquid candy.
But::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Here is MY STUMBLE

Mandy ordered a Ceaser something invented in Calgary Alberta for an opening of a restaraunt in 1969-I REALLY NEVER EVER LIKED CEASERS!
BUT::::::::::::::::::::: Leave it to the Fairmont Family to make something like a Ceasar so Grand and delicious and just so un-forgettable.
My Ceasar garnished with a crisp celery stick and three olives-but the horseradish oregano combo divine-even better was the perfect temperature of the cocktail.
Ceasar enthusiast-Get to a Fairmont Hotel near you and Have one of my Ceasars-with their Lamb Chops served with a dreamy Aoli.

Alright-room service is here with my three Ceasars-CIAO

Happy Shopping

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