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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am so freaking in love with HYDRATING products!

--They are great for anybody who lives in NORTH AMERICA: the land of the dehydrated!

When people are oily but yet they have very tight feeling skin or flake they could be lacking in hydration!

Hydrating products are vital in any makeup artist kit!

-Whether it be an eye cream,lip balm or my favourite a hydrating mist!

Some people use a hydrating mist to set their makeup or a quick refresher!

I use hydrating mist to help the skin look more translucent, thus creating a natural glow! MY FAVOURITE PRODUCTS FOR BRIDES!

A Hydrating mist helps to plump up the skin-by swelling the dermal layers of the skin creating a more youthful and brighter effect. When the hard layers of the skin get dry they become white and grey-ish toned (think about your hang nails-when they get dry it doesn't look like skin anymore-it looks like dry dead scales that are white and unsightly)So-a hydrating mist can help to soften those hard layers give a more translucent and vibrant appearance!


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30.00 Holt Renfrew

This is my number product I carry in Unscented, Mint and Lavender!

I really love the way this product mist-its fine and gentle and I feel as though

I get the most hydration from this product.

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15-25 dollars: Chatters Salon.

safe for hair and available at most salons.

this Hawaiian goddess product helps you too keep your hair and skin hydrated,

I keep this with me at the beach-for a quick pick me up when I too hot

also you can use it to revitalize already done hair, or as a leave in conditioner.

Contains Spirulina which aids in promoting hydration.


Prince Nikola

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