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Sunday, April 3, 2011


To have a vital carry in Makeup-or fashion, you need a very strong support system
Avenue Womans Spring 2010 What to Wear:

Makeup: Adrianne Thompson

Whether it be friends, family or mentors-if you don't have it your probably going to fail.All it takes is one person to push you and your passion to the next level.

A support system is someone who doesn't always agree with your work,someone who loves your work,someone who pushes your limits, someone who in general believes that your talent is needed and helps you explore that dream, but can also keep you grounded.

Today: My must have is Klyment Tan. A huge part of my career and the best part of my portfolio is thank full to Klyment. A photographer,Print maker and newly a men' wardrobe perfectionist, makeup artist and hairstylist. All around a great friends: his support has allowed me to shine a little bit more in Edmonton and has allowed me re-discover my passion for fashion.

Putting me behind the lens of a camera-I discovered I could be a pretty sick shooter. I suggest when you guys check out an area of the industry: CHECK IT ALL OUT! get dirty, you may discover something else that you love which is why I work in all facets of the industry: I LOVE IT ALL. HAIR MAKEUP AND WARDROBE!

Models: Sean and Victoria Stinchcombe for Kingsway Mall.


The photos are just some of the amazing people that I get to work on with Klyment.
My other great photographer friends: I am not forgetting about you either

Curtis Comeau, Corey Thompson, Micheal Shandro, and Grant Olson.

Thank you all!

O.k. readers: So it is time to throw out the hate and keep the love.

Be thankful for your critics-but take it in slowly. what they may say now may feel like a sharp sword: SOMETIMES it takes a while to make sence.

Just like when know it all mom says: to eat your vegetables!

Happy shopping!

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