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Sunday, June 5, 2011


A clean groomed digit-is just as sexy as a nice ass.
That is: a Modern Clean Groomed Digit.
I am loving that the beauty world is promoting less nail enhancements
Manicures-with a slick coat of color or a hard super shiny buff.
I am a little sick of the shatter or crackle look
everyone has been raging about-I think I will stick to my solids.
I have selected my TOP 3 Nail Polish, Shades for Summer 2011
I love all of these finishes and for their opaque coverage.
As always a good buffing, base and top coat are needed.

Most Inexpensive 5 dollars at Shopper Drugs Smart
has the famous NEW FLAT BRUSH-just like with the 2 week manicure brushes
Favourite Color is #260 Gold Silk-
Glossy Finish
Claim: Up to 10 days of flawless color and shine-
Think more like 5-7

I just need a second to stop awwwww-ing
38 Murale and Holt Renfrew
Always-strong color payoff and looks great with a Matte Top Coat.
Even the darkest to the lightest can pull this drool worthy color off.

I really enjoy this Serena Shatter Set.
Chatters Salon-26 dollars.
With the white shatter on top of Spark De Triomphe
It looks like a snake printed dress-Yum
Looks great with or with out top coat.
Although Seche is my favourite quick dry.

Wonderful on Toes and finger Nails
-don't wear this if you wear those green hospital scrubs though
they will think your going mono-chromatic.
Not super shiny-has a great reflective finish
Rich, full silky color.


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