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Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Really this section needs to be a seasonal,weekly, daily discussion.
Brushes are so personal-I have some brushes from my EARLY days of makeup that I can not BRUSH OFF, generally I replace my brushes twice a year-because of my constant washing. When I decide to retire them, I don't end up throwing them in the trash but friends and family take them, or I use them as stir sticks or dusters for my computers. Generally my brushes always look fairly new because of how I wash and dry them-I think I just like new things.

Recently I was talking to a dear friend who is so fucking photogenic I love and hate her.
Leanna-thank you for the suggestion.

I have three makeup brushes that I use for foundation and they need replenishing the least out of all the other brushes that I have used.

When looking for foundation brushes I consider the weight, the price, the aesthetic, the length of the handle (this is really personal-some people hate really long handles or really short), the length of the bristles and the two most important to me are:
the amount of color pickup and distribution and the blendability.

My arterial brush (If there was a makeup war-this would join me)

Armani blender brush-Armani has 2 brushes a blender brush and a designer blender brush.
photo from
  • The designer blender brush is for a more full coverage look but I still use the regular Blender brush to do everything from cream eye shadows, to cheek colors and massive color stamping on the eyes or on the body. I have even used it to foil hot bodies. I wish the brushes from this collection felt a little better and looked nicer-but the blender brush for me is the only one in the whole line of his brushes here in Canada worth my kit, actually they do have a brush called contour brush which is a hard angle brush which is very nice and affordable but the blender brush still kicks the contour brushes ass!

  • I love the light weight and small handle-I feel like I can chisel and maneuver a lot easier. and the fact the bristles are so short-I think aids in the blending and color distribution.

This second brush was an awkward surprise for me: I was like oh WOW-Goat hair brush for foundation and a brush this thick-EEEEEK! I LOVE IT-this brush needs a lot of attention I find-but the results are smooth and flawless. You must clean it well and let it dry completely so the Armani Blender has been much more forgive able.

The Shu Uemura Natural Goat hair Brush-Number 18 for the size.

image from

Also-small and light weight. The thickness of the brush really makes getting work done efficiently with time and the look buffed and polished.

  • some models say "that is the softest foundation brush I have ever felt."

The Third one is from a supplier that I go through-probably the most inexpensive of all. It looks like a traditional foundation brush-you know oval and flat. This baby is gorgeous-a small handle as well cost is maybe 20.00 if you need one let me know.

Apologies I don't have a picture of it, but it looks a lot like the MAC one that they first came out with which If is most likely my number 4 favourite-but this handle is also small and light weight.

Hope this helps: Happy Shopping

Shu Uemura and Armani Brush range around 60 Canadian and defiantly worth it. Available at Holt Renfrew.


Sarah said...

I love Armani brushes and have been spreading the word too! The foundation brush I have applied any sort of cream well on my face. That is a definite good buy! I recommend highly!


Glad you love it Sarah