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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BURBERRY'D all over your face!

That is correct bitches-Burberry has launched a color line with extremely sexy sleek packaging

Their lipsticks click tight and the compact seals out icky dust-all due to a strong magnet disguised with beautiful reflective Burberry Cheque in a grayish blackish pewterish finish. A lot of Ish-for this line.

I met Jarrod-the rep for the line and had him help me and Joanna find a gorgeous lipstick to go with her hot new beach waves that we had put in.

He was so excited to help us find out product (HOLT RENFREW VANCOUVER is where you can get it)-His must have item is something that I personally ended-up walking away with a soft-sheer powder for my kit that has a slight floral fragrance and a brush so soft that you would want to use it as a pillow-

A cake less soft formula-designed to please the runway, television and natural wearers. $59.00
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We also purchased a No.21 (deep burgundy) Lipstick a deep rich opaque color-non scented to light scented lipstick-the beautiful color payoff and so true to the package-and we even use the reflective casing as a mirror. The down fall-it moves easily: meaning: defiantly need a lip primer or a lip sealer with this product $39.00.

-The Product is worth having in your kit for your luxury clients because of the packaging and the name-but most importantly strong pigmented color.

Happy Shopping

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