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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dehydration is for Apple Chips not your face or lips

Winter! I am so sorry, for even uttering those words.
But lets face it, Winter is arriving we are all feeling it.
The first signs of aging can be prevent by attacking dehydration-before it starts.

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Shu Uemura available at Holt Renfrew
Introduces the Newest DepSea Hydrability Program-
Complete with a lighter and more rich moisturizer (I use the lightest one)
A Lotion-most of us call this a toner it is like a drink of water for your skin.
and a concentrate that I use to boost my hydration levels in my skin
and of course an eye cream.

I really love the hydration emulsion-which is the lighter of the two moisturizers.
It has a gel texture, and extremely clean fragrance and its in a glass bottle.
This line could be considered a teacher-because it teaches your skin to self hydrate it self.
offering 24hrs. of moisturizing heaven.
For those whom are more concerned about aging and then moisture or hydration visit the Redjuvenus line complete with Lycopene and Lichi Nut Lipids to help your skin rejuvenate and hydrate it self.

Keep your lips un-chapped and soft and smooth all fall and winter by using and
intense hydrator:

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Shu Uemura has the Depsea Hyrdability moisturizing lip balm
that also teachers your skin to hydrate it self.-Flavorless and Scentless but to some people they say it taste like it is a little sweet. This product does not leave my kit-all my models start their look off with this product because in minutes it softens even the scaliest of lips.

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For those of you who need a little bit of color-YSL offers Golden Gloss a multi-reflective smooth gloss that adds a mild to medium cover that also contains Nigelle and Cameline Oils to help protect the lips. This season I am crushing on #14 Golden Purple.
also available at Holt Renfrew-in Edmonton I see Cindy for my personal lip service.

You can not forget about about your hands or feet or body:

For my hands and cuticles year round I have been returning back to a gorgeous olive based product that is small enough to fit into your back pocket-about 18 dollars.
I was wary of the fragrance at first-but once I smelled it, it was so fresh and slightly fruity.
It absorbs in to the skin really fast and is non greasy.
Message me if you need this product.


For Feet-
Full of antioxidants and Vitamin c-I am all about Double Coverage from the Opi feet line.
Men-don't mind this product either because of the peppermint and it helps to combat foot odor.
about 30.00-contact me if you need this

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I really want to write about a body care line-but there has yet to be one that I love. So Until Next time: Happy shopping.


Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Norman


Norman-I am glad you enjoy my rambles. anything you want to know ask away.