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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Gone are the days of "artificially enhanced nails" as some would like to call it.

In are the days of short-oval nails with a friendly buff or a coating of a smooth lacquer.

On the runways we see strong bold colors all on short nails-or we see soft romantic color and men are even getting buffed out with a ridge free look.

George Clooney is rumored to use the Ridge Filler from nail goddess herself Deborah Lipman offering a masculine Mat-esque look. While my favorite Ridge Filler is from the queen of perfecting her click Chanel-The Base Coat "BASE PROTECTRICE"-

Photo from:

I generally always recommend a great buffing block like the one offered from O.P.I, but lately I am always on the go, and life doesn't allow me to always buff-I get away with the sheer beauty of this Chanel Goddess.

A lot of people seem to shy away from color that is not red or cranberry or sometime type of red in the winter-POO!

With all the great designer and color buyers we have out there to inspire or manicured hands or feet why would someone not want to indulge in what the color gods gave us:

Check out for a vegan formaldehyde free way of decorating your digits-it even has a numerology scale and you can choose by mood.

How is everyone feeling about the reverse Manicure
photo from:
I am undecided-I am not sure if I like the old Manicure look either-just not that into chips.
Its time to think of shades like
Butters very own -Marrow-named for the dark purple that Marrow looks like in the bone
YSL La Laque- 139 Gold-great way to bring in the new year and to add brightness to your wardrobe
Opi-Teas-y does it a part of the Burlesque collection a shimmery burgundy-so gorgeous you'll get DIRTY.
Faces Cosmetics: 358- a green that will banish and blushing bitches red out of the way.
-OR not so bold add a hint of pearl (1 coat) or iridescence to your favourite holiday color.
Check out for a great site.
Happy Shopping

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