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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I worked on the Union Halls photos forever ago.
One of my favourite shoots-
it was just so un-conventionals.
My fearless photographer
"Nikolas-do whatever you want"

sparkles: Eye Kandy in Candy Cane and Sour Grape
Nails: YSL
Hair spray to last all day
Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay

Thank you to my amazing assistat
Julia Budzinska-
you are unbelievable.

I got to go see my work plastered like wall paper
all along the walls of Union Hall-it was like my own little high!
I went to go see Nick Carter D.J.
After The Backstreet Boys concert-EPIC

Nail Polish Rimmel
Lips: Armani-lip gloss
eye shadows: Shu Uemura and coastal scents.
Here is my makeup tip:
Do it all-offer the complete service to amp up your gaines.
You don't have to be great in all the areas-
just know it all, familiarize your self with it.
Educate your clients/models on what your doing and why.
Let them know discoveries about their skin and hair and nails.
Like: what they can do to re-hydrate.

Happy Shopping

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