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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I consider it a blessing to be asked to work on a campaign-
little own to be asked back TWICE!
 Thank you to
Todd Sloane or TAG Advertising (fearless Art Director)
Klyment Tan (photographer)
Assistants: Bry Acheson and Corey Thompson


This shoot has graced my top 10 shoots ever!
I love the unique backgrounds, the model choices and the wardrobe.
The Energy on set was so positive, upbeat, and every one involved was so great to be around.
Thank you to Aaron Pederson for the use of his Great Studio-Nicest Guy Ever Too.

Ania B: Model Above
Wow! She also has a great blog GOOGLE HER!
Her down to earth go getr' attitude was so infectious.
almost every move was like she was telling a story.

The Models were all so down to earth with strong professional attitudes.
Liam: He understands how to move and keep the flow going for every look.
I don't get to work with male models very often-and when I do: I AM NOT USUALLY IMPRESSED!
Liam brought the perfect energy and he is just so aware of his body and how clothes move.

I am in love with this top that Riza is wearing! DROOL!
This girls is one of those girls that you can't help but absolutely want to fall in love with.
her kind demeanour makes you want to smile and the light ethereal background is perfect for her.

Courtney-has legs to kill for and hair Barbie wishes she has!
This statuesque humanitarian: is a breath of fresh air.
She walked in smiling from ear to ear and hugged me like we have worked together our whole lives.

I think that any shoot-especially commercial needs a great team that understands patience is key.
That you will overlap in time.
But more than anything a GREAT TEAM:
All clothes pulled are available at Kingsway Mall


Courtney M said...

N, you were without a doubt the star that made all of this possible! GREAT WORK!!! Was a great shoot with a wonderful team!!

Ania Smith said...

Great work guys