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Sunday, August 14, 2011


It is time that we address this on going battle.
Oily hair-and those awful bangs that we love
that look like we drenched it in lip gloss and shine spray and bacon fat.

Myth: I have to wash my hair every day because it is soooooooo OILY!
You oily hair/scalp people need to STOP THIS!
washing your hair everyday to remove the oil only teaches your scalp to produce more.
you need to start by skipping every other day and eventually every 3rd day wash.
Our scalps believe that it needs to produce that oil to nourish our hair-so removing it suggest that it is not getting any nutrition so it produces it at twice the speed. Slowing the shampoo process down teaches our scalp that it is going to be healthy.

Mousy Browns Edmonton

A color safe shampoo-that has a matching conditioner.
If those of you who love love love washing their hair everyday
need a shampoo and matching conditioner this is your go to:
to absorb the oil: check out my blog about no poo: dry shampoo

Chatters Kingsway Edmonton
A great shampoo for dandruff as well: OILY DANDRUFF
complete with rosemary and fennel extract to calm hair down
use it twice a week to control your issue and to use it as a treatment for your scalp.

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